Project Description

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skill and competence in the administration requirements of a range of organisations to enable the learner to operate effectively under supervision in a variety of administration contexts.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify features of different types of business organisations
  • Explain a range of organisational structures, to include, hierarchical and flat structures
  • Explore the different types of departments within an organisation, the cooperation between internal departments and the impact of the external environment on the business organisation
  • Analyse the impact of the external environment on a business
  • Identify the main functions of management and the role and impact of Human Resource management in an organisation
  • Examine a range of recruitment options for selecting and appointing staff and current employment rights legislation as it pertains to the staff selection and appointment
  • Explain the need for quality, the role of quality systems, the various techniques and processes which are used to ensure quality in different types of organisations, to include manufacturing and service focused organisations, and quality accreditations available
  • Explore sources of finance for a business, distinguishing between long, medium and short term finance and the need for and types of financial controls, to include cash flow
  • Examine different types of meetings held within an organisation, the function and role the meetings and the associate documentation
  • Examine the insurance requirements of a business organisation, identifying appropriate insurance for different types of risk
  • Implement and adhere to an organisations systems and procedures, to include, quality management and or control systems, financial controls, employee procedures and health and safety
  • Complete a range of documentation necessary for the effective function of meetings within an organisation, to include agendas, meeting notes and minutes
  • Maintain a range of documents pertaining to human resources management and employees within an organisation, to include, employment contracts, attendance records and personnel files
  • Process a range of business documentation to ensure effective implementation of an organisations financial and or quality systems and procedures
  • Use a range of hardware and software to provide administrative support
  • Carry out a range of administrative functions to support the effective implementation of organisational management systems and procedures.

Preferred Entry Level:  Relevant work/life experiences, QQI level 4 equivalent or Leaving Certificate.

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