Project Description

Elder Abuse Awareness & Prevention Workshop with HSE Safeguarding Vulnerable Persons Programme

The aim of this full day workshop is to raise awareness of the issues surrounding elder abuse, to increase participants’ awareness and knowledge of abuse of Vulnerable Adults and ensure they are in a better position to recognise it, support the vulnerable adult and report concerns in compliance with current legislation and best practice guidelines.   This course is delivered by a nurse tutor and HSE Facilitator.

Learning Outcomes:

    • Signs & Symptoms of abuse (physical, emotional, financial, psychological)
    • Impact of chronic disease on vulnerable adults
    • Best Practice Guidelines for Safeguarding and Promoting Welfare
    • Definitions of the Vulnerable Adult
    • Definitions of Abuse
    • Identifying Neglect and Self Neglect
    • Identifying Types of Abuse
    • Risk Assessment and Management
    • Human Rights & Patient Rights
    • Reporting elder abuse
    • Data Protection (GDPR) and patient records
    • Advocacy & Empowerment
    • Management of Complaints (Anonymous and Historical)
    • Responding to Concerns and Allegations
    • Roles & Responsibilities of Front-line Personnel
    • Case Studies and Group Discussion

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