In a recent article in the Irish Times – ‘Obsession’ with third level means further education bypassed (Carl O’Brien, Education Editor, September 2, 2019), incoming Solas chief Andrew Brownlee expressed his opinion that many school leavers are bypassing more suitable vocational routes due to the obsession with university education in Ireland.  He went on to say that with the majority of Irish school leavers progressing to 3rd level institutions, sometimes the Further Education and Training routes may be overlooked by learners.

This is an important point to highlight and while there can be no denying the benefits of a university degree, there are many areas where a further education qualification can offer real and relevant opportunities for employment.

QQI Major Awards

QQI Major Awards in wide range of subjects are available at ETBs as well as with community and private education providers.  Healthcare, Contact Centre Operations, Agriculture, Business Administration and Photography are a very small number of awards that can open doors to higher education or directly into employment.  All QQI awards have clear progression routes which enables ‘joined-up thinking’ for anyone planning their education and career.

At CTEC our major awards in Healthcare, Childcare and Business Administration are all offered on a part-time basis – so – if you didn’t get the CAO points you were hoping for in the Leaving Certificate or if you would like to be able to work and study at the same time, then maybe explore QQI awards.  There is a searchable database on the QQI website – – where you can search by award name, code or field of learning and details of all awards are available in a handy PDF format that you can download or print out.

Find Out More

So – if you have just left school and aren’t quite ready to go back into full-time education, check out QQI awards.  If you want advice on any of the awards we offer at CTEC call us on 053-9121036 or just drop into the centre!